Create Beautiful Gratitude Trees

Never is there a more appropriate time of year to express gratitude than at Thanksgiving. Why not create a family gratitude tree and display all your feelings of thankfulness.

All you need is a tin can, some sticks, a little twine, and some colored paper. If you want to get super elegant, use a crystal vase and parchment paper. The key is that hanging small notes of gratitude could bring you joy that you weren’t expecting.

Maybe someone is missing from your Thanksgiving table this year. Or perhaps you’ll be missing from a table of family members since you live far away. One way to celebrate may be to remember why you appreciate those you aren’t with, jot down your thoughts, and hang them on your tree.

With each note you write, you may find that joy bubbles up as your tree fills with positive thoughts.

Look HERE for step-by-step directions to create a beautiful, simple, and rustic gratitude tree.

HERE are 12 more ideas for Thanksgiving gratitude trees. Now, get creative, have fun, and be thankful – Happy Thanksgiving!