Exercise Your Brain With a Book

If you are a reader, you will love this news. Seniors know that eating well, exercising, and social engagement help promote a healthy lifestyle. Those who love to cozy up with a book have an additional benefit to continue a life long passion.

Picking up that magazine, the local newspaper, or the newest bestseller can protect cognitive health. As you learn new things, your brain is getting a workout. A long, exciting saga helps your concentration. Being absorbed in a good book reduces stress because you can forget about your troubles as you focus on solving the mystery or enduring your protagonist’s heartbreak.

Should you choose a television show or a good book? Remember that a novel will improve your memory since you must retain details of the story much longer than a short TV program.

With more time on your hands due to retirement or the pandemic, a selection of excellent detective stories, memoirs, or historical fiction can keep you entertained for hours, and you’ll be giving yourself a cognitive workout, to boot.

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