Game On! Looking Great in Lipstick

If you want to highlight one of your most powerful assets, look to lipsticks to lift and brighten your complexion. As you move into those senior years, you’ll find that you need more color than when you were younger. So have fun and pump up those shades.

Pink and coral shares are universally flattering. Cooler tones are perfect for fair skin, while warmer tones enhance darker skin tones, and women with these darker tones find reds, browns, and deep plums enrich their look.

Seniors want to avoid beige tones as they may make your teeth look yellow. However, nudes in soft, muted rose tones will compliment your skin, especially if you choose a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color.

Are you the bold type? Have no fear because the color will look great if you pick the best shade. The bold color can balance heavy sunglasses, and when you go bold on the lips, you’ll want to lighten up the eye makeup and blush. To avoid bringing attention to small wrinkles around your lips, it may behoove you to avoid frosted or shimmery shades. Otherwise, be proud of the wisdom acquired with those minuscule lines.

READ HERE for expert advice on choosing the perfect shade of lipstick. Your lips frame a beautiful smile, and you want to pay tribute to the masterpiece you are showing off.



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