Laugh & Live Longer!

Want to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure or release endorphins that will flood your system with feelings of happiness? What if these physical changes in your body didn’t require medication? What’s more, it is free!

The studies are conclusive that laughing has a powerful influence on your health. Humor and laughter release stress, which can contribute to your body’s inability to fight diseases. When watching a comedy, your belly laughs can improve your blood flow and circulation. Researchers reported that people who laugh have better sleep habits, find it easier to connect with others, and their laughter can counterbalance some of the effects of depression and anxiety.

What do you have to lose by giggling? At the very least, it will provide a moment’s reprise of daily struggles. It is a positive way to bond with others. Sharing stories of funny events you experienced in the past will help others remember the times they slipped on the banana. When you permit yourself to laugh, joy quickly follows.

If you have a frown on your face, begin HERE for some clean senior jokes. The first comic will have you in stitches in no time, especially if you use a walker.

Learn the health benefits of laughter in more detail HERE and enjoy the path to better living when you have a smile on your face.