Mattress Solution for Better Sleep

Even if waterbeds were a part of their wild and distant past, Seniors need to get a firm and stable mattress for the framework of a more essential good night’s sleep today.

The frustrating news is that over half of seniors don’t get enough sleep, so it behooves them to rest on the most comfortable bed possible. The average mattress lasts around eight years. If you haven’t changed yours in over a decade, it is time to explore purchasing a new one.

Sleep disturbances are most common due to physical ailments, pain, and medications that treat them. One study suggested that if you have back pain, a medium-firm and self-adjusted mattress can promote better sleep.

New features offer many alternatives to traditional brands. Manufacturers place cooling covers on both sides of the mattress which offer seniors the ability to flip the mattress depending if you want a firm or soft base. Other choices include wire support in the center of the mattress to keep your spine aligned and reduce joint pain. Some mattresses promise to repel microbes.

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It seems that today’s mattresses are taking the old saying to heart: sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!