Meditation can deter Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Depression

Meditation doesn’t mean you have to climb a mountain and sit crossed legged. However, you may want to do just that once you grasp meditation’s physical and emotional benefits.

When you meditate regularly, you are exercising your brain. Like other muscles in your body that improve when you work them, your cognitive abilities will improve. You can boost concentration, attention, and memory by stimulating the memory centers inside your brain. The practice can help slow down the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Twenty percent of seniors over 65 experience depression and they can benefit from the endorphins that the brain releases during meditation. The positive feelings stay in your system once you complete meditation, thus reducing depression’s intensity.

Meditation is as simple as sitting or lying down and clearing your mind of all thoughts. Beginners may only meditate for three to four minutes to start. Even this short amount of time can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. As you increase the minutes up to twenty, you’ll block out modern-day distractions and relax your mind and body.

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