Ranking 6 ways to Cook your Turkey

With seniors paying more attention to healthy living, it may be time to evaluate how we cook our Thanksgiving turkeys. The choices you make may impact if you are ready to sleep the afternoon away, or you want to rush outside for a game of touch football.

Your family will be smiling when you present them with your most healthy option. Roasting the turkey in its natural juices is the winner. A little olive oil and fresh herbs like rosemary brushed on top can make a simple bird delicious.

The least healthy way to cook a turkey is, without a doubt, deep-frying your bird. Most recipes call for peanut oil, which has 22 percent more saturated fat than olive oil. The added fat adds many calories, as well.

You won’t win nutrition awards if you wrap your turkey in bacon, either. With processed meats like bacon linked to colon cancer, you may want to leave the panoply of pork crisscrossing your turkey out this year.

If you brine the turkey, you may want to keep the sodium level in mind because it will absorb salt during the process.

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