Watch That Step When You’re Aging-in-Place!

Today’s seniors aren’t sliding down the banister like they did decades ago. While they are still carefree in many ways, navigating the stairwell while aging-in-place is an area they must take seriously.

Half of all falls among seniors happen in the home. Being proactive is essential in providing a safe environment. While seniors no longer have to navigate Legos in the stairwell (unless the grandkids stop by), they must address the stairs’ precarious potential for falling.

Better lighting may be one of the single best upgrades to the staircase. As we age, our eyesight degrades and our mobility decreases. Adding additional light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs will ensure seniors will see the first and last steps, which are the most common missed ones that precipitate a fall.

Handrails on both sides of the steps and installing tightly woven carpet so that the floor is less slippery will increase safety, as well.

As more and more seniors are aging-in-place, reducing the home’s risk factors will bring peace of mind to them and their families.

Learn more here about the study that included 500 seniors living independently to understand what makes stairs dangerous.