14 million Americans over the age of 50 are doing Yoga: why?

People over 50 years old who were surveyed stated yoga helped relieve back pain – and also stated it improved their mood, relieved stress, improved sleep, and strengthened their balance & flexibility! Online classes make it easy to practice from your home. Books, videos, and DVDs are available aside from in-person classes, but either way it’s important to have a guide show you how to practice yoga and avoid any potential injury. 

Whether your position includes mountain, tree, cat, cow, or down dog, seniors who practice yoga benefit from stretching and strengthening their muscles and joints. No matter your ability level, once you complete a session feeling very relaxed and at peace, you will want to come back for more!

Seniors who consistently practice yoga appreciate the extensive physical and mental benefits. Those who have osteoporosis strengthen their bones with routines that include weight-bearing postures. Holding a pose for several breaths encourages muscles and connective tissue to relax and loosen, increasing flexibility. Balance improves with poses that strengthen abdominal muscles. If you don’t want to lie on a mat, chair yoga for seniors is beneficial, as well.

Researchers found that meditation and mindful breathing incorporated into yoga lowers cortisol, potentially easing anxiety and depression. Other studies showed significant improvements in sleep.

Yoga classes for seniors have multiplied over the last few years, so read HERE for ways to get started. The link includes an hour of gentle yoga for seniors and a wealth of information to introduce you to the practice. Namaste!