Da Conch Shack at Turks and Caicos!

Christopher Columbus was a busy man. On his way to discovering America in 1492, he stumbled upon an archipelago now called the Turks and Caicos. Part of the British West Indies, it is my favorite (so far) in the Caribbean! This year alone, the beaches have been voted #1 in the Caribbean and #2 in the World!!

My family and I just returned from 5 wonderful days on Providenciales (the main island) and we cannot wait to go back and explore more of this island chain. It is a diving mecca due to its proximity to the 3rd largest reef in the world, but there is so much to do if you are not a diver. Visit the famous Da Conch Shack – an open air landmark restaurant – for a nibble and excellent frozen drink.  The conch is harvested right in front of you..  choose your favorite preparation, from salad to chowder to fritters, and stir-fried or as ceviche!

Hire a boat to either go deep sea fishing or island hopping. Drive to The Hole- a natural vertical cave and spring source. Shop the shops in Grace Bay or just chill on the many beaches. The beaches are insanely beautiful, and most importantly, not over-developed- something I find intrinsic to an authentic Caribbean experience.

Important to know: TCI is not taking COVID lightly. We had to provide a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travel, buy additional travel insurance, and fill out very conclusive health forms before even being considered to enter the country. Delta’s flight was a delightful 2.5 hours from Atlanta and was only carrying 30-40 passengers each way.

If the Turks and Caicos Islands are not on your “must see” list, put them on now! And when you’re ready to travel again, get ready to be blown away by their beauty!

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