Once you’re over 60: Capture Your Stories for Generations

Old family photo albums are full of mystery. A relative from a lifetime ago looks at you from the page as you wonder about the context? The stories captured in that album make up a kaleidoscope of tales that usually are worth sharing.

If writing an autobiography or a memoir is too daunting a task, there are other ways to leave a legacy for grandchildren or great-grandchildren in individual stories. The stories of your youth have time to bubble up as seniors have more time on their hands. Collecting those memories can provide a guidepost to someone in the family who may one day go through similar experiences.

Write a letter to each of your children about the day they were born. Write down a special recipe and reflect on the memories of when you served the dish.  One of the best gifts you can give future generations is to go back into those albums of yours and jot down the circumstances around the photo. Let them know who the guy was with the big ears.

Read HERE to explore ten ways to collect your memories. Even if this is a project for future reasons, you’ll have a fun time reminiscing as you revisit favorite pieces of your past.