Unique Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Whether you’re shopping for a relative, a lifelong friend, or a neighbor next door, there are gifts available that any senior would enjoy. Find gifts for those puzzle enthusiasts who may love to while away the hours solving a jigsaw puzzle picturing the New York Times front page dated the day they were born. Or else the “I’m not old, I’m a classic” humorous line on a tee-shirt that embraces the job of living so many years.

We read HERE about ways to capture your memories for future generations. My Life Story So Far is a blank book that acts as a framework to share stories, lessons learned, and it also invites seniors to share their plans for the future.

You don’t have to be a senior to be one who forgets where you put things. What if there were a Tile, a product that tracks lost items, attached to your television remote control? What if the next time you couldn’t find your keys, a little tile located them for you? Think of how many other ways you could spend your time rather than searching for lost everyday items!

Read HERE for ten creative and fun gifts to give your favorite senior this holiday season.