10 indoor Christmas Plants, with “keep or toss” advice afterwards!

Flowering plants for the holidays can breathe new life into the room, whether you are making the effort to bring in a Christmas tree or choosing to skip that choice this year – besides, don’t you want something less fattening than Christmas cookies to fill your home this holiday season? Plants will add color and life to your abode without adding an inch to your waistline. Plants are also the perfect gift for cheering up a friend or a loved one.

Winter isn’t necessarily a time to garden, but colorful plants can turn a home into a holiday wonderland. Look to adding splashes of white or red around your Christmas tree. Orchids love bright, indirect light and show beautifully with red berry sprays, which allow the white in the orchid to pop. Red cyclamen can tolerate outdoor temperature in the 40s and may look festive in pots at your front door.

Rosemary trees make the perfect mini Christmas tree when sheared into a pyramidal shape. You can snip a few stems to add to your Christmas stews when no one is looking. Amaryllis create a grand statement with their intense color and large bloom, and paperwhites add a glorious fragrance to enjoy for the two to three weeks they are in bloom.

Look HERE for pictures of the ten best plants and flowers for the holidays, and learn how to make them thrive until Santa arrives!  Even better, look at the “keep or toss” advice for afterwards –