Scratching the Travel Itch… virtually

As Leslie Jordan says “Well, hello fellow hunker downers,” and it looks like we indeed might be “hunkering down” back into our own little bubbles for a bit over the Holiday season. But, fellow wanderlusters, we are not to be deterred. Go grab a warm drink, hit the couch, get the remote and let’s travel! 

There are a TON of shows to binge on this winter season to whet your travel appetite (especially if you are a foodie- see link below).  While Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown will forever be my favorite, there are many, many options available to stream right now. Planet Earth series lovers should take a look at Tales by Light. Feeling a bit more cheeky? Somebody Feed Phil follows the creator of Everybody Love Raymond– it’s cute.  Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is hilarious.  And for the architecture enthusiast (or even not, it’ll turn you into one!) try The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. Below you’ll find links to additional suggestions to fit any interest. Enjoy your virtual travels!

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