Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

Yes, where are those words hiding as you try to recall them? There is actually a word for the word at the tip of your tongue. It’s called lethologica, and 90 percent of the population experiences it, so you should have no fear if you are frustrated by it from time to time. 

The longer you try to remember the word, the more difficult it will be to recall! Your brain remembers the mistake of not recalling the word rather than retaining the word itself. Your brain learned to forget the word. As if we didn’t have enough worries!

Lethologica becomes a more serious issue when it includes common words. If you or a loved one asks about the ‘thing you wear on your wrist to tell time,’ then it is may be time to see a doctor for an Alzheimer’s evaluation. If you can’t remember the word for that pleasant occurrence that happens by chance (serendipity), then you are like most of us!

Read HERE to learn more about lethologica and what is going on in the brain. Luckily you can click the link so that you don’t have to remember the word!