Matching the Wine Glass to the Wine

With only 202 master sommeliers in the world, wouldn’t you want a few of them to help you choose wine glasses to best suit your drinking preference? The wonderful news is that the sommelier’s ten top choices include some glasses priced very economically.

Experts will tell you that the shape of a wine glass will make the experience more pleasurable; however, it is a matter of personal preference if you prefer drinking from a mason jar.

There are four shapes of wine glasses, with Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses being best suited to capture and release the red wine’s aromas. Stemless glasses are better suited for your red wines, as well, because you want to avoid warming white or rose wine with your hand’s warmth.

According to the experts, the best investment is the Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux glass if you are looking for a small splurge. It is mouth-blown, lead-free, and dishwater safe, although who wants to throw such a beautiful glass into the dishwasher? For those looking for the best overall glass at a more affordable price, then the Schott Zwiesel Burgundy Glass is a winner.

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