The Twelve Herbs of Christmas

In a play on one of the season’s favorite tunes, twelve herbs command the starring role for your holiday cooking. Whether you grow them yourself or purchase them at the grocery store, they will add plenty to every dish you whip up in December.

You can sing along: Twelve myrtles leaping, eleven chervils dancing, ten borages piping, nine lemon thyme drumming, eight tarragons a-milking, seven bay leaves a-swimming, six mints a-laying, five lavender rings, (pause) four oregano birds, three basil hens, two sage doves, and a thyme in a rosemary tree.

The partridge is no longer needed when you have thyme and rosemary. The two herbs complement each other. Combine the two herbs, a twist of lemon, and a jar of olive oil for flavored oil for all your leftovers. Bay leaves can swim in your soups, and mint will lay at the bottom of your mojito.

Read HERE for the myriad of ways you can use these herbs for a flavorful season of cooking. And remember, have fun!