116 ski resorts in US where Seniors ski FREE

Many people who began skiing in the 1970s are now reaching their 70s. While fresh air and exercise will keep you feeling young and energized, skiing half days or skiing every other day may make the experience more enjoyable. Today’s equipment is safer and more comfortable, and wearing a helmet provides more protection than the funny wool hats from days gone past. 

Whether you are hitting the bunny slopes for the first time or continuing a life long passion, reduced prices for seniors are making the sport more accessible as you age. Read HERE for 116 resorts that let you ski free.

Resorts offer delightful alternatives like dog sledding, ice-skating, and snowshoeing for those who don’t want to spend every moment strapped into bindings. Gourmet dining is a mainstay in most ski resorts-a far cry from the cardboard burgers at the ski slopes of your youth.

You can find tips HERE to make the most of the slopes as a senior. Then it is time to bundle up and head for the snow!