Winter Storm Gail: a nor’easter to eclipse all of last year’s snowfall…

Winter Storm Gail will begin rolling through the Northeast US today (12/16/20), likely becoming one of the most significant winter weather events in the past five years. The storm may eclipse all of last year’s snowfall in many major cities in a single pass. New York City saw just under 5 inches during the 2019-20 winter season, while Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, both saw under 1 inch total. The current system is expected to drop at least 8 inches or more in spots stretching from West Virginia to Maine (see snowfall probability).

Gail is a nor’easter, a type of storm that occurs when cold and dry Arctic air coming down from Canada meets warm and moist air near the coast, creating a powerful mix capable of dump precipitation from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast.

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