You have the ingredients for a Spa Day at Home!

With the holidays upon us, it may be time to slow down those online purchases and create some at-home spa treatments, especially since a day at the salon may not be in the cards for a few more months.

Close off the world for a few hours to indulge your senses by creating a spa-like atmosphere. Dim the lights and set out some scented candles. Lavender or eucalyptus aromas help release tensions quickly. Find a calming playlist for background music. Create a hydrating refreshment such as water infused with cucumbers, lemons, or mint.

Choose some treatments and begin indulging. If you don’t think you can enjoy a chemical face peel at home, then you don’t know about ketchup! The citric acid in ketchup can provide a gentle chemical exfoliation to your skin, and the antioxidants will nourish your skin. Want a deep conditioning hair treatment? Grab the coconut oil out of the kitchen to create a mixture that will add luster, shine, and softness to hair.

The ideal ending for your at-home spa time is a luxurious bubble bath. Lean back and reward yourself for being you. Read HERE for DIY secrets that will create the perfect spa day for you at home. More ideas for home treatments are HERE