The Key to Success for Your Third Act

Grit. It all comes down to determination and sticking to your dreams. As it turns out, this specific psychological trait won’t peak in you until in your 70s!! You may be lucky enough to find yourself jobless mid-career so that you can make the jump into a new venture.

The key is to use your grit to overcome those traits that are on the downswing. If you don’t have the same entrepreneurial passion as you did in your thirties, find a partner who can bolster your ideas and push them forward. If you still want to write that book that plays in your head, join a writing group, or hire a book coach. It is the grit to overcome your weaknesses that will make you successful.

The world is full of people who began anew in their 50s or older. Tom Watson was fired from NCR at 48, yet went on to start IBM. Julia Child launched The French Chef at 50. Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls got her breakout role on Broadway at age 58.

Read HERE for four ways to stoke the fire and begin your third act. Remember, age is just a number.