Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

A potato chip bag?? Yes! Next time you sneak a tasty bag of chips, keep the bag, turn it inside out, and you have the makings of metallic gift paper. Add a bow, and you have a present ready to shine under the tree.

With more time on your hands this year, why not get creative with uniquely wrapped presents. You don’t have to be a master at crafts to use simple solutions to make each gift a festive presentation. A small box smeared with glue and rolled in glitter provides for a glistening surprise.

Duck tape comes in all sorts of colors and graphics. Wrap your gift in brown paper from the grocery store, and then add festive tape. You can even create a bow out of duck tape. Did you know a pink eraser is an excellent base for a stamp? Simply cut it into the holiday symbol you desire and stamp away on plain paper for fun results.

This year, the holidays are a perfect time to have fun while saving money on expensive paper. Read HERE for eleven ways to wrap presents without traditional holiday paper.