2021 Tips for Making the Best Salads Ever

With a new year rolling in and healthy resolutions to follow, it’s an excellent time to fancy-up your salads. Bon Appetit magazine offers ideas that may have you making this healthy meal option three times a day!

It’s winter, and who said you have to use lettuce? Head down to the farmer’s market and mix and match fennel, roots, potatoes, and other winter fares, abundant this time of year. Roasted vegetables bring out a sweet caramelized taste that melts in your mouth. If you do want to use lettuce, choose from the top of the line. The days of iceberg lettuce are over. Buttery-soft Bibb or crunchy Little Gem creates an exciting base from which to start.

Think of your salad as a seesaw. For every soft item you include, add a crunchy one. For every sweet ingredient tossed in, introduce a spicy one. Have fun! Toast any variety of nuts and then crush them before mixing them into your dressing. Use a micro-grater to shave hard-boiled eggs or firm cheese over the top for a final touch. Your bowl is your creation.

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