Staycations May Be Here to Stay

Even when seniors can fly again, many may choose to stay closer to home. The pandemic offered people the opportunity to discover what was in their backyard–literally. Finding ways to enjoy a holiday without the hassles of travel are turning the staycation into the new vacation.

The key to a staycation is to feel like you are getting away from your routine. Put the world of television, phones, and emails on hold. New adventures are within viewing distance.

Your backyard is a perfect place to enjoy a camping trip. Roast marshmallows on the fire pit and name the stars above you, or stage Olympic style events like miniature golf or pickleball at locations around town. Tally the scores of the participants and include the results from board games once back home. The winner can stand on the podium (or dining room chair) at the end of the festivities.

There is no better way to enjoy a staycation than outdoors. Organized or spontaneous walks allow you to find unexplored sites that you never knew existed when jetting off on an airplane.

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