New Year’s Eve is Finally Around the Corner

Once the clock strikes midnight, we can finally say goodbye to 2020!

Since celebrations will be smaller this year, it may take some creativity to make it festive. There isn’t any reason not to make a delicious meal, dress to the nines, and stage photos posed in your finest. Decorate with 2021 balloons as your backdrop, and send pictures to all those you’ll be with next New Year’s Eve.

Years from now, descendants will wonder what it was like for their families in 2020. Take the time to write down all the unique issues you faced during the year: struggles to find toilet paper, purchasing your first face mask, watching the news locked in the house. Turn it into a scrapbook to hide away for decades. Your great-great-great-grandchildren will enjoy the photos of how funny you looked in a mask.

Read HERE for 15 festive quarantine ideas for New Year’s Eve 2020. If you are looking for a movie, read HERE for 30 films to watch on New Year’s Eve. Most of all, have fun!