E-ternal Digital Legacy: the need to update your Will

Who knew years ago you and I would be implementing a Digital Legacy? Today’s digital arena makes the old Star Wars film look ancient.  From the first robots being used in the 1960’s to the introduction of the computer age in the 70’s where we learned to use them at school and then at home, science ushered in the fast and furious journey which leads us to a time today where laptops and cell phones bring a need to incorporate instructions into our personal Will for handling the ultimate in sensitive information.

The two areas covered in this article are 1) how technology can capture the stories of your personal life for your descendants to enjoy forever, and 2) how important it is to prevent the complications of untangling access to your digital assets after you have passed.

Using sites found in this article such as Here After or My Wishes, you can more easily explore ways to record your stories or your wishes for what happens after you pass. Designating specific people you trust with Good Trust or Dashlane, take a minute to review the best way to have your passwords in good hands for all of your computer files from emails to online services!

Blog written by Amy Lance with a big thanks to Marvin Banks for bringing this article to our attention!!