Senior Planet teaches Seniors to be Technically Savvy!

The question among seniors learning technology is no longer, “How do I set up an email account?” The new inquiry may be,Can you help me interpret google analytics for my website?

The times are changing, and seniors are using their new skills to start businesses and become better online communicators and marketers.

Seven years ago, Senior Planet launched with the purpose of boosting the technology savvy of seniors. Grasping online knowledge is now more critical than ever, especially to avoid social isolation. Learning to communicate over Zoom may be the first class you take to connect with grandkids, friends, and business clients.

The organization shifted its in-house classes to online access, including how to bank online, order Instacart, or set up a telemedicine appointment. There are one-on-one coaching sessions for seniors who are not even sure what the gadget is that they received as a gift.

Look HERE to learn more about Senior Planet and ways they can help you become more technically savvy, especially you want life to be a little easier and more fun..

More importantly, Senior Planet may help begin your journey into your entrepreneurial success!