Begin Training for the Camino de Santiago Today!

Now may be an excellent time to prepare for a journey of a lifetime. The Camino de Santiago is a network of walking paths leading to Santiago, Spain, and the tomb of St. James.

Three hundred thousand people walk the Camino routes each year, and many of them are seniors who have the time to spend six weeks to complete the most popular course, the Camino Frances. The way began in ancient times as a pilgrim’s journey. Today, seniors will find that the Camino abounds with hiking enthusiasts.

Seniors who embark on the challenge enjoy gorgeous scenery, beautiful silence, and camaraderie each evening with fellow hikers. You can sleep in bare-bone hostels, boutique inns, or five-star hotels. You can dine like a pauper or feast like a king.

Walking can lower a senior’s risk of heart disease and stroke, improve sleep, and help with weight loss. It also strengthens your muscles for better mobility, meaning fewer risks of falls.

Read HERE to learn the secret to success for walking the Camino: preparation. Begin by walking two to three miles a day, and add a backpack as your strength increases. You’ll be on your way to what many call the experience of a lifetime!