Easy post-holiday “baby steps” to a better body!

The New Year is here and you’ve accepted that you aren’t a senior marathoner or a retiree who cycles 50 miles per day. While your goals are more modest, you may want to revisit them if you are spending more time on the couch of late. If you take baby steps, you may find getting in shape and losing unwanted pounds far more manageable than you thought.

You don’t need to start with walking 10,000 steps! Adding as little as 500 strides to your everyday routine can make an enormous difference when you begin. If you have a pet, they’ll love you for it, or if there’s another companion then even better! Throw out sweet tea and sugary sodas, and look for the myriad of delicious natural drinks developed in the last years.

Write down what you are going to eat the next day and stick to it. Studies show that those who consistently keep an online journal will lose more weight than those who sporadically jot down their food intake.  It can be a game as well as a disciplined routine that makes you feel good about yourself.

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