Returning to Running at 70.. a motivational story

Ginny McReynolds chose to pick it back up after all these years, and is very glad she did! Simple secrets such as starting with short runs 5 days a week, and going at the same time each day to create the routine habit also gave her something to look forward to. It’s not just fitness you gain over time.. it’s also amazing confidence.  When’s the last time you accomplished a new habit that made you feel great inside and out? Having a running partner helps a lot too, just knowing there is a degree of accountability as well as fun, personal interaction while still social distancing.  Read her story here, and make a New Year’s Resolution to give it a whirl for at least 4 weeks.. and once you have the habit in place and see results beginning to show, you may decide this is the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time!


A New Runner’s Success Story. This Is How I Did It at Almost 70.