Your Kitchen Scraps can become your own Indoor Vegetable Garden!

Good things can happen when your disposal goes on the blink. While you wait for its
repair, take those items you’d throw down the hole and create new life! You’ll even
save a trip to the grocery store with the growth that sprouts up.

You’ll never buy green onions again if you save the last two inches of the stock
including the roots and place them in a warm sunny spot in a half-inch glass of
water. How many times do have you run to the store for the mushrooms required in
a recipe? Simple save the stalks and cover them in soil with a little piece poking out
of the top. You’ll have mushrooms galore if you water them every couple of days.
Want homegrown lettuce for your BLT? Place the leftover base of your head of lettuce in a dish of water to rest in a sunny place. You’ll soon see lettuce leaves sprout for your own BLT cuisine down the line.

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