Your parents and Medicare… how do you navigate it?

I am the caregiver for my 81-year-old mother, who recently fell and broke her hip. I have a lot of questions about how Medicare works and what it covers. Where can I get some help understanding this program?

Faced with this question, help is on the way! At least it’s much easier to understand than doing your own taxes. explains more than the extensive resources and hospital / physician services, so if your mom is homebound, under a physician’s care and in need of part-time skilled nursing care or rehabilitative services such as physical therapy, you’re in luck. From oxygen, wheelchairs, and walkers to other equipment, they also help with prescription drug costs.  When you need it down the road, they can help with brief stays in a nursing home to give the caregiver a break, and even help with hospice care.

To find out what Medicare covers, visit and type in the test, item or service you have questions about, or download the Medicare “What’s Covered” application on your mobile device.

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