16 Outstanding Ageless Women – which style is most like you?

Beautiful women each have a style of their own. Whether you don a classic,
bohemian, or sporty look, it reflects who you are. With post-pandemic
outings on the horizon, you can soon toss your comfy socks aside and dust off those
outfits that project your personality.

If you were to view 16 of the most stylish and ageless women in the world, with
whom would you most identify? Would it be Helen Mirren in vibrant shades of
orange and purple? Maybe it’s your splash of red that marks your entrance into a
room which always seems to turn heads. Perhaps you enjoy the insouciance (yes,
look it up) style of Lauren Hutton or the ageless quirkiness of Diane Keaton.
A tailored look may always be a safe bet to command respect, but looking cool
shouldn’t be left to the young. And it is never too late to be a style influencer! Iris
Apfel is 99 years young and exudes an over-the-top style with confidence.

Look HERE  for an overview of her ten life lessons.

View HERE the 16 women Harper’s Bazaar magazine pictures in their signature
styles, and decide who best represents you.