Classic Books with Recipes to Match

Since staying closer to home of late, there’s more time to indulge in two passions: reading and cooking. Southern Living Magazine combined both loves into a collection of recipes inspired by your favorite books.

Whether youre reading to your grandchildren or re-reading an old favorite, you can now create dishes that you were probably craving during your first read of these books. Fried green tomatoes may be easier to whip up than the more ominous dish served at Whistle Stop Café. A strawberries-and-cream sheet cake makes a lovely dessert inspired by Jo in Little Women, who served fruit, sugared well with a pitcher of rich cream.

Sitting down to oven-fried chicken and ale after a few chapters of The Great Gatsby mimics a lunch of Daisy and Tom in their kitchen. And if you have never made a Lane cake, re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird will offer a thrill since Scout Finch’s neighbor said she’d never share it with Stephanie.

Spend the day with the grandchildren teaching them to make blueberry-thyme pie after reading Charlotte’s Web. Or start the day reading Pippi Longstocking aloud and making peaches-and-cream pancakes.

Join the fun HERE with a slide show from Southern Living of over 20 recipes from some of your favorite books.