Retirement 101: Seven Steps to a Smooth Transition in 2021

When you hang up the business attire for good, have you educated yourself on the
critical issues that will ensure a smooth financial transition? It pays to be prepared
and avoid mistakes that could cost you.

Dates are critical. Signing up for social security four months before you take it,
applying for Medicare three months before it is to begin, and taking the required
minimum distributions (RMDs) when you turn 72 are all essential steps. Missing the
timing on some decisions could cost penalties.

While understanding Medicare is quite a challenge, grasping the costs of Part A, Part
B, and supplemental insurance is essential to making sound decisions that affect
your long-term costs. Health care expenses will remain uncertain, and staying on
top of the latest information empowers you to make good choices.

What income is guaranteed for you to live out your retirement? How much do you
want to withdraw from savings to keep up your preferred lifestyle? How much will
state, federal, and property taxes eat into your nest egg?

Read HERE for a step-by-step process that will aid in giving you a smooth transition
into retirement. Then, enjoy your time. You deserve it!