The “Positive Affect” can help reduce memory loss!

Look on the Positive Side of Life sooner rather than later!

Your memory will inevitably decline as you age. However, a recent study suggests that having a positive attitude can impact how little this decline will occur. The ten-year study found that those with a positive outlook had less memory decline.

Optimism is contagious and so hanging out with others who have a cheerful outlook is one way to improve your positivity quotient. Training yourself to look at the lighthearted side of life is an exercise that impacts cheerfulness. Even if you are alone, you can laugh at yourself for silly mistakes.

No one gets through life without setbacks. It’s how you frame those setbacks that can make a difference in your attitude. If you see an issue as a lesson learned, you can look forward to doing better next time. Take a job loss as a sign that there is something better out there for you. And when a problem arises, find ways to turn it to your advantage.

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