5 Keys to a Happy Retirement

The first year of retirement is easy. You can do all those things you didn’t have time to enjoy before you could start sleeping as late as you want, playing your sport of choice, and reading 100 books in 100 days.

But then what? Have you planned for the long haul? Many find themselves faced with an existential crisis, having too much time on their hands without a specific purpose. Understand ahead of retirement why you are retiring to avoid potential depression.

Before that retirement party, hone your vision and communicate it not only to yourself but to your spouse. If one wants to sit and knit, and the other wants to climb the five tallest mountains in the world, you may have a disconnect. Better to work out the kinks ahead of time.

Those who are happy in retirement savor the small things over the extravagant. They enjoy walking the dog, the morning coffee, or dinner with the spouse. However, if you waited your whole life to purchase a Ferrari, it’s better to do it now than wait!

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