May 1: Atria’s Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

This time last year if someone was in the grocery store wearing a mask, we might have thought there was going to be a hold-up.  Now if you aren’t wearing one, you may be asked to leave.  We’ve all heard of varying degrees of compliance for pandemic protocol from washing hands and wearing face coverings to social distancing.  We’ve seen some states mandate a lock down and curfew.  Now there is news of certain companies which are requiring their employees to take the vaccine if they want to stay employed. Announcing a May 1st deadline, Atria Senior Living has mandated that its more than 10,000 workers must get both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in order to help protect the residents as well as go to serious lengths to return things to normal as soon as possible.  Read below for their reasons and plans behind this major move by one of the largest senior living providers in the U.S.


Atria Makes Covid-19 Vaccines Mandatory for Workers