Travel Vicariously with the Movies

Who needs to get on a plane when you can hop on your sofa and enjoy a picture-perfect tour of your favorite world locale? Rain won’t dampen your plans, and a virus won’t chase you down. There is never a better time to venture out vicariously than now.

Do you ever tire of Paris? Watch Amelie or Midnight in Paris and whisk yourself back to the city of lights. Then travel to the French Riveria in the 1955 version of To Catch a Thief or take a road trip to Saint-Tropez in Two for the Road.

If road trips are your fancy, Little Miss Sunshine is sure to please. Easy Rider or The Motorcycle Diaries are journeys for the grittier traveler. The quintessential road trip, however, will have to be Thelma and Louise. Just don’t follow them off the cliff!

Italy never ceases to inspire travel. Return to Rome with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, or enjoy Venice with Matt Demon in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Maybe you’re ready to enjoy Africa, India, Russia, or London? It is possible from your couch!

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