Hip Living for a Hip Generation of Retirees

Grandma isn’t knitting in a rocking chair these days! The current generation of seniors is an energetic and lively group with a lifetime of adventures ahead. The communities that house these active retirees are changing to meet their demands.

Trends in retirement communities see significant advancements in 2021. Seniors will use personal tablets or phones to access everything from program scheduling to menu options. Dining will be more sophisticated with upscale cafes and nutritious, healthy cuisine at dinner.

Bingo will hardly be the only option at the new wave of retirement communities. Art centers, music lessons, college courses, and book clubs are some of the extracurricular choices. There will be opportunities for international travel sponsored by the retirement community and skydiving for those staying closer to home!

Today’s seniors are hiking, golfing, and playing tennis and pickleball. Daily yoga classes and other boutique options will be available. Community activism is a hallmark of today’s older generation, and volunteer opportunities will abound in the 2021 retirement community.

The best news? Pets are joining more seniors in retirement developments. Fido or Whiskers will be by your side as you begin the next chapter of your life.

Read HERE for the latest trends in retirement communities for 2021. You don’t want to miss out when you are considering your new home!