Finding Love Later in Life

Senior romance wasn’t too prevalent a few decades ago. Now they represent a new
generation ready for love with a few wrinkles thrown in the mix.  Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kensey Institute, has some good news for the millions of seniors pursuing romance after fifty: the brain pathways responsible for feelings of intense romantic love are still the same as when you were young.

Two things give old adults an edge on finding love. With all the experience of age,
they know what they want, and they are also less likely to compromise on what’s
most important to them.

There are some unique challenges to dating later in life, including your family or
tribe accepting your new partner. There’s also the role that past relationships can
play in influencing new relationships. Setting new expectations and listening can
improve any bumps in the road.  Today, single seniors aren’t willing to play one role as a grandma or grandpa. They are out and about and more engaged in social activity, which brings them in contact
with others who may also be looking for love a second time around. Read HERE about how the experts better understand seniors finding love and the new dating mentality.  Plenty of people today say “I do” having come a long way down life’s path!