RVing Women have growing network for solo travel

There’s a new type of solo traveler, and the pandemic’s restrictions suit her fine. Is there a safer way to venture out these days than to take your home along with you? While retired couples may be the RV stereotype, a growing number of women are enjoying the RV lifestyle solo.

RVing Women is a community with 18 chapters nationwide to support women who drive their rigs solo across the country. Members access classes and workshops designed to increase confidence for those taking to the open road. There are workshops for preventative maintenance, how to check battery fluid, or preserve tire lifetime. There is a family of support for a newly widowed woman who lost her driver, who will have her in the driver’s seat quickly. RVing Women also coaches women in safety issues if they plan to boondock, which is camping off-the-grid.

RVing Women also has a magazine that advertises its yearly convention and rallies across the country. Networks of like-minded travelers bond and life-long friends have the chance to see each other consistently.

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