“Super Agers” genes could lead to new treatment for Alzheimers & dementia

Have you ever noticed 80 and 90-year-olds who are sharp and quick and laugh at the joke before others get it? Someone like Queen Elizabeth, who at 94, is the oldest living reigning monarch in world history. It turns out the queen and others who are quick on their feet may have a couple of genetic factors to help them along.

It all comes down to your brain protein profiles. You may already have what it takes to have the acumen of people twenty to thirty years younger than you when you are heading towards one hundred years old.

Super agers have an exceptionally high cognitive function because researchers believe that they may have brains without a build-up of aging-associated proteins, such as tau and amyloid pathology, which normal agers have.

Lifestyle choices may undoubtedly play a part, but studies show that there may be a genetic predisposition for certain people. If your genes fend off protein build-up in the brain, you stand a better chance of keeping your grandchildren on their toes during Trivial Pursuit.

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