The Senior Gardener’s Seven Tips for January

Are you sipping coffee in winter and dreaming of your spring garden? January is an excellent time to prepare for the next season. And you can begin with that coffee you brewed earlier. The grounds are a perfect addition to a kitchen compost. Learn more about composting for your garden HERE.

While your garden is idle, you can take the time to test the pH balance in your soil. There are even DIY ways to do it without a kit so you can plan for soil amendments. Could your garden tools use a little sharpening? Why not do it in January to avoid frustration when you begin cutting back dead branches in April.

Sitting by the fireplace is a great location to relax while pulling out those gardening books you received for Christmas and dust off the others you’ve wanted to read for ages. Choose what flowers, herbs, and vegetables you want from the colorful pages. January is a great time to order seeds to begin your garden indoors. Read HERE for indoor gardening ideas during the cold winter months.

Learn HERE for seven gardening tips for January. With so much to plan for your best garden ever, you won’t be able to finish that coffee you were sipping!