Starting Your Garden from Scratch

There’s an opportunity waiting for seniors who are spending more time indoors this winter. With one little packet of seeds, you have almost everything you need to bring the magic of gardening into your home. The plethora of varietal and heirloom seeds far outnumbers the types of plants you find at the nursery. Let your imagination go!

If you are a beginner, the process is much easier than conjugating your first French verb. Choosing the containers to grow your seeds may be half the fun and as simple as recycling the shells of the dozen eggs you purchased last week. Read HERE for creative homemade containers, including Humpty Dumpty’s casing along with the egg carton in which he travels. What’s more, you can transplant the sprout in its eggshell directly into the ground come spring.

Moisten the soil before planting the seeds and find a sunny location near a window. Grab your coffee each morning and watch for your seedlings sprout. Keep the soil moist with a mister once the little shoots appear. It’s as simple as it is rewarding.

Read HERE for a step-by-step process to ensure a successful beginning to a home garden.