Six Ways to Avoid Diabetes

Have you heard of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Yes, of course, you have! The repetition of useful advice may help entice you to incorporate little changes into your daily choices.

If you have a genetic disposition for diabetes, small changes can make a big difference. And while you’re avoiding an increased chance of one disease, you are most likely fending off others.

Start each day with breakfast. When you enjoy a small healthy meal void of processed foods, you’ve already conquered two of the daily habits recommended to keep diabetes at arm’s length. And the best news for coffee drinkers? Studies associated a nine percent reduction in diabetes for people who imbibe in a second cup of java.

Why not end the evening with a glass or two of wine? Wind down the day and then head to bed early. The wine may help prevent diabetes as long as you don’t overdo it. The extra sleep helps avoid an increase in blood glucose with could raise your risk of getting diabetes.

Read HERE for more details on small daily habits to help keep diabetes at bay. You’ll be fit and healthy in no time without even realizing it.