The Healthy Cook Makes Compost for the Garden

Seniors are preparing much more nutritious diets today, and with more leftover fruit and vegetable scraps, they are creating rich garden soil through composting. Healthy cooks who chop and peel using fresh ingredients will have what they need for rich soil.

Composting is organic material that helps plants grow. Recycling items like carrot peels, avocado seeds, eggshells, coffee grounds, nutshells, or tea bags keeps them out of landfills where they potentially release greenhouse gases. You can create a rich substance for your plants with these scraps and make one less trip to the nursery since you have homegrown compost at your fingertips.

If you want to begin a smaller scale, keep a plastic bag of scraps in your refrigerator, but if you are more adventurous, you can start vermicomposting, which is a method that uses earthworms to break down your food scraps. There are elegant kitchen-sized containers to house your kitchen scraps that include charcoal inserts to help avoid odors. Half the fun of composting may be choosing your decorative compost bin for the kitchen.

Read HERE for numerous tips to begin your compost journey. You’ll be helping the environment and set yourself up for the best garden to boot!