Apps to Help You Diet in 2021

January is the poster child for the plethora of dieting apps available today. Losing weight at the start of the New Year is easier now that tracking your progress is as close as your phone. Apps allow you to download a program onto your phone and self-monitor your progress, promoting weight loss by increasing awareness of habits and progress.

Tried and true Weight Watchers updated their name to WW and added an app while keeping their signature point system and their WW-approved recipes. You can still attend in-person meetings or only use digital access.

If you want to count calories, MyFitnessPal allows you to log what you eat throughout the day, with a database of 11 million different foods. If you wish to track your exercise habits with a wearable activity tracker, then the popular Fitbit is a good choice, although purchasing one may be cost-prohibitive.

Noom takes the approach of teaching mindful eating practices that encourage a healthier relationship with food and exercise.  MyNetDiary, SparkPeople, Fooducate, Cronometer, and those mentioned above all want to help you on your road to a healthier lifestyle. If an app keeps you motivated, then you will see progress.

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