The Secret to Better Hearing

It’s that first call that is the most challenging. The average person waits eight years before he or she addresses the need for hearing aids. While those years pass, however, new technology is making the devices smaller and more sophisticated. The time is here to step-up and forego the denial! You most likely need help with your hearing.

We learned HERE that prolonged hearing loss could cause cognitive decline. Start with addressing the issue at your annual physical. You are seeing the doctor anyway, so make it a point to ensure that there aren’t simply reasons such as wax build-up causing hearing issues.

Audiologists provide comprehensive tests that include tone tests to determine how you hear different pitches. You could have issues with the pitch of some people’s voices and not with others. A speech test or a pressure test looks for other problems that could play into the equation.

Have no fear if it is time for hearing aids! Some devices are so small that others can’t see them. Some include Bluetooth to help in hearing the television or making phone calls.

Read HERE for six easy steps you can take to better hearing. You’ll be glad you listened to the advice.