How to Start Conversations No One Wants to Talk About

There may come a time where you want to address issues with your parents that all parties want to avoid. It could also behoove you to have some diplomatic ways of doing it. If you ask yes and no questions, you may get replies that are conversation stoppers.

Asking open-ended questions is an excellent conversation starter to challenging topics. A positive discussion is more productive than a question-and-answer session, which may leave both parties tense.

Who, what, and when questions allow the other parties to open up. When was the last time you updated your legal documents? Then share with them that a financial institution may be less likely to recognize a power-of-attorney drawn up 25 years ago versus one that is two years old.

What type of insurance coverage do you have? There may be significant changes in health insurance policies that could save them money.

A simple question about social media accounts could encourage them to open up to you since you’re discussing an area that may be new to them.

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